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How to get a Box

Getting a cluster box for your neighborhood can be a rewarding and beneficial asset to your neighborhood. Below we break down the steps required to install one. 


Is this a new development? Are you replacing your roadside boxes with a cluster box? Are you trying to place a cluster box closer to your home? It all starts with receiving the USPS permission and depending on your specific project needs, there could be several different requirements. Start with receiving the USPS’s permission to place a CBU.


Permission Again

Cluster Boxes are considered structures. They normally require permitting and a pullout. Check with your local borough/ city right-of-way department to receive the required permitting.  NOTE you will need the USPS and your local borough/ city to agree on a location. This is often the most time-consuming part of the process.



Great! You’ve made it past the hardest part! Now it’s time to build your pullout and pour your concrete. The number of boxes you’re placing, whether it needs a culvert and the amount of dirt work needed will determine how large a pullout and concrete pad you will need. Contact the USPS and ask for requirements such as concrete specifications. Contact your local borough/ city to ensure all construction is built to standard.


Enjoy your new Box!

You did it! We can help you select your CBU size and color and you'll now have a secure locking box in your neighborhood! Great Job!

Accountant Records

Seem like a lot?

This is just a rough overview of the process. If you run into any trouble or decide it’s just not worth your troubles give us a call. We are more than happy to pickup where you left off in the process and finish the job!

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